Supporting +4000 families during COVID-19 crisis !

If you have been reading our last posts on social media, you might already be aware that Samridhdhi has been organizing food distribution for the last few weeks. Indeed, since the Covid-19 crisis started, all schools and crowded public and private places have been closed to the public. The lockdown measures making sure that everyone, including the children have to stay at home.

But, since Samridhdhi’s programs are closed as well, we have rerouted our efforts to cover a new issue. Staying idle during this crisis is not acceptable, thus, we have made sure that the families of the children we cover will go unharmed. Most of these families are migrants, daily wagers that were heavily relying on day to day income. Since the lockdown started it has been particularly hard for them: impossible to work and to get food on the table, forced to stay in lockdown on very difficult conditions within settlements not suited for anything like it, summer’s heatwave etc… These people are going through a living hell for months now and we cannot stay here and wait – our children are suffering.
Thereby, we started to organized food and first necessity items distribution thanks to our generous sponsors: Nokia, Wipro, KPMG etc… This incredible act of generosity, incurred within the national effort against Covid-19, meant the world for us: we were now able to help these suffering families.
However, it would have been unfair to select within their communities who was going to get food based on their participation to our programs. We had to do something for everyone else – for that reason, Samridhdhi decided to go beyond its usual reach and cover all the families of those communities.

We are proudly continuing this acting and will continue to do it as long as necessary. This sanitary crisis is an urgent one, but at the same time the disturbance created by the lockdown measures cannot go overlooked.

You can also be part of our Covid warriors by making a simple donation which will help us give more to more people and continue to give for the coming weeks! You can use the following link or simply use the following bank details provided at the end of this blog post!

Together, we can achieve wonders!

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