Bridge Programs

Bridge Programs are Samridhdhi’s flagship project. These are no-fee, tailor-made, need-based preparation schools for out-of-school children (OoSC).

In 2019-20, Samridhdhi Trust is running 3 Bridge + Montessori Projects in Bangalore and 2 in Delhi NCR.

The Need

Many out-of-school children aged 6-14 years belong to migrant labour communities and un-notified slums across Bangalore, Pune and Delhi NCR. Their families are often engaged in waste picking and waste segregation, construction labour, domestic work, begging, street vending, petty shops and other menial jobs. 

Being interstate migrants (speaking Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, Nepali, Telugu, etc.), the children do not relate to the local language and cannot integrate into government schools. Instead, the children take care of their younger siblings (babies and toddlers) while their parents are at work or manage household chores. Some are caught up in in rag picking, drug abuse, violence, illegal and harmful activities. 

They are afraid to travel even a couple of kilometres to reach school. Many have never been to a school.

Children in slums that Samridhdhdi Trust has Bridge Schools for
Out-of-school migrant children in hutments

Objective of Bridge Programs

The objectives of the Bridge School are to:

  • Provide access to basic education to out-of-school children (up to 14 years of age) in a multilingual and multilevel structure that is irrespective of age groups.
  • Admit them in mainstream English medium private schools or Government Kannada / English medium schools in age-appropriate classes.
  • Dent the vicious circle of poverty through education and employment.

The Process

  1. Before an academic year begins, we conduct a survey of un-notified slums to identify out-of-school children.
  2. We set up Bridge Programs inside the slums or in unutilised spaces of nearby government schools.
  3. We enrol the children in Bridge Programs. The children are educated as per their learning capabilities as well as age-appropriate grade-specific requirements.
  4. The Bridge Schools run for 6 hours every day for one year.
  5. At the end of the year, the children are integrated into age-appropriate classes in regular formal private (English medium) and Government schools. (The parents are encouraged to pay half of the annual school fees of the children in private schools, while the other half is mobilized from Individual or corporate sponsors by Samridhdhi.)
  6. Before we start Bridge classes in the following year, we conduct several workshops for our facilitators to ensure quality sustenance.
Community Survey by Samridhdhi Trust, Bangalore
Community survey
Class in progress
Health and hygiene check
Approach followed in the Bridge Program


Consolidated data for Bridge Schools 2010-19
Consolidated data for Bridge Schools 2010-19


  • Identified 4000+ out of school children and enrolled them in Bridge Programs.
  • Formulated a curriculum through which 2-5 years syllabus is compressed and successfully delivered in 1 year.

Current Bridge Programs

Name: Nallurahalli Bridge Project
Address: Govt. Primary School, Nallurahalli, Behind Hanuman Temple, Nallurahalli, Bangalore
Google pin:
Coordinator: Mousumi Biswas
Contact no.: +91 9110817048
Launch date: 2015
Enrolments: 175 (77 girls, 98 boys)
Age breakup: 37 (less than 5 years), 78 (5-10 years), 60 (10-14 years)
Funded by: Wipro Cares

Nallurahalli Bridge School | Samridhdhi Trust

Name: Kasavanahalli Bridge Project
Address: Govt. Primary School, Opp. BRS Global School, Jail Road, Kasavanahalli, Bangalore
Google pin:
Coordinator: Komal S Garag
Contact no.: +91 8971347707
Launch date: 05-09-2015
Enrolments: 161 (67 girls, 94 boys)
Age breakup: 47 (less than 5 years), 80 (5-10 years), 34 (10-14 years)
Funded by: Quest Global Engineering Services, Bangalore

Kasavanahalli Bridge School Samridhdhi Trust

Name: Dasarahalli Bridge Project
Address: Plot 8, 9th cross, Maruthi Layout, Dasarahalli, HA Farms Post, Bangalore 560024
Google pin:
Coordinator: Saral Douglas
Contact no.: +91 9071973624
Launch date: 01-06-2016
Enrolments: 162 (83 girls, 79 boys)
Age breakup: 37 (less than 5 years), 82 (5-10 years), 43 (10-14 years)
Funded by: NOKIA

Name: Indirapuram Bridge Project
Address: Government Primary School, Judges Enclave, Ahinsa Khand 2, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201014
Google pin:
Coordinator: Sudha
Contact no.: +91 7042552300
Launch date: 28-04-2016
Enrolments: 132 (43 girls, 89 boys)
Age breakup: 26 (less than 5 years), 75 (5-10 years), 31 (10-14 years)
Funded by: NOKIA

Name: Noida Bridge Project
Address: House No.78, 3, Gali Number 3, Near Garg Medical Store, Village Chhalera, Chhalera, Block D, Sector 44, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Google pin:
Coordinator: Anshu
Contact no.: +91 9891129239
Launch date: 01-09-2012
Enrolments: 60 (34 girls, 26 boys)
Age: 27 (5-10 years), 33 (10-14 years)
Funded by: Unfunded

Noida Bridge School | Samridhdhi Trust